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Compression Locks

33-82804STEALTHlock  33-84904stealthLock  33-98204STEALTHlock
Item#DescriptionTechnical Drawing
33-82804All BlackTechnical Drawing
33-84904Black and ChromeTechnical Drawing
33-89204Polished Stainless SteelTechnical Drawing



33-29904Stainless steel 3 point compression lock7.13" Round



33-65504Stainless Steel With Chrome "T" Handle RH
33-19506Black with Chrome "T" Handle RH
33-65102All Black RH
33-28400Bracket for 28400 series lock.
Zinc yellow chromato
(0.047” door thickness)
Features Include:
- Polished stainless steel receptacle with Chrome “T” handle
- Ergonomic design similar to the 18400 “Whale Tail” TM die cast series.
- Standard molded rubber gasket.
- Standard double-bitted key cylinder in locking versions.
- 12 hole cam design on back of latch available in single or multipoint versions.
- Adjustable roller cam for easy opening and closing.
- Four standard mounting studs. Cutout is the same as the 18400 “Whale Tail” TM series.
- Compression feature that provides a tight seal around your door frame and gasket.
- Water resistant.
- Oversized handle also acts as key cylinder cover.


Item #DimensionsDescription
33-184315.52" W x 5.55" HAll Chrome RH
33-189035.52" W c 5.55" HAll Chrome LH
33-192065.52" W x 5.55" HChrome/Black RH
33-175015.52" W x 5.55" HAll Black RH
Replacement Parts 
Item #Description
33-00201J201 Replacement Cylinder
33-00202J202 Replacement Cylinder
33-00203J203 Replacement Cylinder
33-00205J205 Replacement Cylinder
33-00206J206 Replacement Cylinder
33-00207J207 Replacement Cylinder
33-00208J208 Replacement Cylinder
33-00223J223 Replacement Cylinder
33-18400Replacement nylon roller cam
33-18202Zinc Screw for Nylon Roller Cam
66-18406Rubber seat gasket for Whale Tail



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