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Item#Technical DataInfo Sheet
01-06000Tack Free Time (Minutes): Less than 60
Skin Time (minutes): Less than 30
Lap Shear: 210 psi
Elongation (%): 150%
Tensile Strength: 175 psi
Adhesion-N-Peel: 36 pli
Service Temperature: -75°F-400°F
Hardness Shore A: 50
Corrosive Properties: Non-corrosive
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01-600001/16" thick x 1/4" wide x 100 feet long
01-620001/16" thick x 1/2" wide x 50 feet long
01-640001/16" thick x 3/4" wide x 100 feet long
01-660001/16" thick x 1" wide x 100 feet long
01-680001/8" thick x 1/2" wide x 60 feet long
01-700001/8" thick x 3/4" wide x 60 feet long
01-720001/8" thick x 1" wide x 65 feet long



Item#Technical DataInfo Sheet
01-65000Weight/Gallon: 8.1lbs
Solids: 52%
Viscosity (CPS): 16,800 cps
Cure Rate: 24-48 hours
Elongation: 400%
Hardness Shore A: 60-70
Service Temperature: -20°F to 160°F
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Item#DescriptionInfo Sheet
01-73001ClearInfo Sheet
01-73023AluminumInfo Sheet
Specific Gravity: 0.96
Skin Time (minutes): 15-25
Viscosity (cps): 500,00 cps
Elongation (%): 350%
Tensile Strength: 150 psi
100% Modulus: 57 psi
VOC COntent: 28 grams/liter
Hardness Shore A: 20
Service Temperature: -50°F to 300°F

Manus-Bond 73GP is a one component moisture curing silicone elastomeric adhesive/sealant. 73GP is designed for bonding and sealing a wide variety of building materials such as vinyl, glass, steel, aluminum, tile and many plastics. Remains flexible, is non-sag and has exceptional resistance to weathering and temperature extremes. 73GP is mildew resetant when fully cured.



Item#DescriptionInfo Sheet
01-40500Aluminum 10.3 oz tubeInfo Sheet
01-40700Black 10.3 oz tubeInfo Sheet
01-40100Clear 10.3 oz tubeInfo Sheet
01-40300White 10.3 oz tubeInfo Sheet
Especially designed for bonding and sealing a wide variety of structural material such as glass, steel, aluminum and plastic - has exceptional resistance to weathering and temperature extremes.



Item#DescriptionInfo Sheet
01-07700Aluminum greay 10.3 oz tubeInfo Sheet
01-08800White 10.3 oz tubeInfo Sheet
01-09900Black 10.3 oz tubeInfo Sheet
75 Am exhibits excellent adhesion to many substrates including aluminum, steel, granite, marble, wood and many plastics. Cures fast, even at low temperatures. This product is highly weather resistant and can be painted with most paints. Contains no solvents or isocyanates, is non - yellowing and does not shrink when applied. Authorized by the USDA.



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